Industrial Wipes

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Industrial Wipes

"A simple solution to help improve sanitation and cleansing solutions."

There is an ever-growing need for wipes in today’s contemporary lifestyle. The use of Wipes has seen an upward trend all around the world. SCS has been supplying premium quality wipes across various industries for over 30 years. These wipes are a highly effective substitute to paper towels, rags and cloth due to there durable and absorbent fabric blend that reduce the number of wipes needed to control spills.

For years SCS has been supplying quality Non-Woven wipes for industrial cleaning environments.

High Absorbency

  • Easy pick up of solvents
  • Ability to take solvent once and uses it for multiple wipes, in turn reducing the volume of solvent usage

Lint free edges

  • The wipes are machine cut. Hence the edges are free from loose threads and lint thereby avoiding hindrance to cleaning wihtour leaving residual lint.


  • Ensures zero wiping marks. Delicately cleans surface

Chemical Agent

  • Suitable for use with most of the industrial chemicals and solvents..


  • Powerful and longer lasting for cost efficient cleaning

Economical pricing

  • High performance , cost effective cleaning

Anti Static & Silicon Free

  • Avoids contamination of surfaces and give top cleaning results

Eco – Friendly

  • Sustainable alternative to paper towels and rags that gather odour on repetitive cleaning


  • Various weight and length available
  • Color – White
  • Cutting – Machine Cut
  • Packing – All products are covered in plastic sheeting
  • These wipes do not contain binders and additives
  • Bulk orders at special prices


  • Hospitality – Hotels, Motels, Restaurants
  • Catering
  • Labs Clinics
  • Salons & Spas
  • Automotive

we customize our product size according to your requirement.