Sumer Chand & Sons (SCS) is a third generation, family-owned business located in New Delhi, India. Established in 1962 to manufacture and supply 100% cotton Stockinette rolls to address multiple industry polishing and packaging needs. SCS has rapidly grown over five decades to pioneer a range of quality Stockinette and Non – Woven solutions to meet individual industry needs, while maintaining its tradition of excellent and reliable customer service.

SCS manufactures and distributes to diverse industry sectors and has a strong customer base across Laboratories (Food, Chemical, Testing), Pharmaceuticals, Light & Heavy Weight Automotive, Electronics & Hardware, Aviation, Marine, Forging & Mining, Paints & Adhesives, Printing & Publishing, Tobacco, Food & Beverage, Upholstery and Agro-Farming.

We are a customer-oriented company and our location, state of the art facilities and production capacities allows us the flexibility and innovation capability to:

  • Serve Various business types and sizes (SMEs and MNCs)
  • Offer the most competitive prices for top quality to our customers
  • Produce an array of excellent quality fabrics in bulk quantities
  • Maintain stock and timely fulfill customer orders
  • Employ an In house team of experts that consult companies on which of our various products would suit there needs best!

Just like one size doesn't fit all, one textile type is unable to address all business needs. Hence, we pride ourselves in being the one stop shop for textile needs for industries worldwide as we are the premier manufacturer and supplier of Cotton Stockinette and Non-Woven in India. All our products are extensively used for Polishing, Cleaning, Packaging, Straining and Filtering. We welcome inquiries from all industries.

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We will be delighted to assist you in finding the best solution for your business needs. Get in touch with us today!