Wonder Carcass Bags

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"Wonderful way to wrap Meat"

"Preffered Choice"

"Packaging and Store your carcass hygienically"

All materials have been tested and are certified to prove they are suitable for use with meat.

SCS has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing SAFE, PRECISE and STRONG carcass bags for all kinds of animals such as Lamb, Goat, Pork, Kebab Meat, Beef, Venison, Horse and Lion. We have a specialised team that ensures that the Wonder Cracass Bag is manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards for our customers.

We supply across India and have a strong precense in the Middle East, Africa and the Asian Sub Continent.


  • Ensures quality and perfection is maintained by wrapping cold meat carcass
  • Protects the carcass form external polluting factors (flies, dust and bacteria)
  • Allows air circulation to maintain carcass quality
  • Makes storage, handling and transportation of the carcass efficient
  • We can customise! - Branded carcass bags allow our customers to differentiate from their competition

Product Specs

  • 100% Cotton
  • Excellent Finish
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Top quality threads to enhance product strenght and durability
  • Easily adapts to any shape of the carcass
  • High air circulation ability and stretch
  • Usual colours are White and Natural cream. Can be customised as per customer request.
  • Manufactured adhering to health regualtions making our product suitable for use with meat.

Relevant Industries

  • Meat processing factories
  • Wholesalers, meat or fruit and vegetable distributors
  • Freezing plants
  • Canning Factories
  • Slaughter Houses
  • Cutting Plants


  • Delivered in protective plastic sheets.
  • Stored in individual bags for hygiene purposes
  • Time and money saved due to easy to open packaging


  • 60” (1m50cm) x 12” (34cm)
  • 66” (1m65cm) x 12” (34cm)
  • 80” (2m) x 12” (34cm)

They can be easily modified to suit the intended application depending on the carcass to be wrapped or specific customer requirement.


  • Competetive market pricing due to efficient production capabilities since 50 years
  • Special quantities available on request
  • Special discounts for bulk purchases
  • We can customise! - Branded carcass bags allow our customers to differentiate from their competition.
  • Military specification export carcass stockinette also available
  • Client specific packaging and printing available

Chat to us about your requirements and we can advise on the most suitable product an packaging options for your needs. Get in touch


  • Rolls: Manufatured in various length and dimensions
  • Cut Pieces: Various pre-cut lengths available
  • Sewn Bags: Pre-cut pieces overlocked at one end to make a bag. Various size and dimensions available
  • Pre-Opened: Available in various lengths and stretches to improve the efficiency and productivity while loading the carcass in the bag.
  • Printed Bags: Available that are customised to our clients' needs. Printed bags can display any detail and language specified by the customer. Food safe printing inks are used.
  • Tyek Tag Bags: Available in different sizes and lengths and tags are approved for use with meat.